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    Madonna Album 2015 Unapologetic Bitch

    Last Update : Oct. 10, 2014
    Natalia Kills
    Toby Gad
    Symbolic One
    Martin Kierszenbaum Disclosure
    Pharell Williams
    Blood Diamonds
    DJ Dahi
    Duos - Featurings
    Katy Perry
    Alicia Keys
    Nicki Minaj
    Special Dog
    Produced by Madonna, Toby Gad, Mozella & Symbolic1
    Holy Water
    Rebel Heart Produced by Madonna & Avicii. The song's about how to be yourself surrounding by paths defined for you by others.
    "I took a road less travelled by, barely made it out alive, but through the darkness I survived"
    Unapologetic Bitch Produced by Madonna & Diplo. Deals with 3-years boyfriend Brahim and their breakup. Based on some kind of reggae sounds.
    "I’m popping bottles that you can’t even afford. I’m throwing parties and you won’t get in the door. / You know you never really know how much your bullshit cost me, but fuck you. / I know you’d like it if I stayed home and cried. But that ain’t gonna happen, here’s the reason why: When we did it, I’ll admit it, wasn’t satisfied
    Autotune Baby  
    Inside Out D'abord révélée sous le titre "Let Me Love You From Inside Out", puis "(Love You From) Inside Out". Electronic ballad with acoustic breaks, a kind of slow dubstep song.
    "Show me your scars and the dark corners of your mind. Show me yours, and I’ll show you mine."
    Living For Love Produced by Madonna & Diplo. Sound inspired by the 90s. It deals with love breakup and rebirth. Madonna prays to God at the end of the song
    "Living for love, I’m gonna carry on, love’s gonna lift me up"
    "You took me to heaven, you let me fall down, now that it’s over, I’m gonna carry on"
    Art For Freedom  
    We Are Superstars  
    Messiah Produced by Madonna & Avicii
    Bitch I'm Madonna Produced by Madonna & Diplo
    Heartbreak City Produced by Madonna & Avicii. Rage of Madonna against her former boyfriend Brahim Zaibat.
    “Getting what you came for, a bit of fame and fortune, and I’m no longer needed / Cut me down the middle, fucked me up a little. You said I was your queen. I tried to give you everything. And now you want your freedom. / You tore me into pieces, you didn’t have no damn reason. I let you in my kingdom, you helped yourself with everything. / I curse the day we met. This memory is haunting me. I wish I could forget.
    Two Steps Behind Produced by Madonna & Avicii. Deals with all young popstars trying to be Madonna and using her recipe-for-fame-and-success
    “You're a copycat, where is my royalty? You’re a pretty girl, I’ll give you that… But stealing my recipe / Did you study me hard enough?… You’re never gonna be me, you’re just a wannabe… Like a sister all messed-up, who’s gonna help you out?… In your fantasy, you can try it all. But you can’t be me"
    Joan Of Arc

    Produced by Madonna, Toby Gad, Mozella & Symbolic1. Ballad on the guitar. Vocals remind Evita songs. The track talks about how the world expects her to be a hero. Madonna talks about the press, how bad words put her down.
    "I don’t wanna talk about it right now / Just hold me while I cry my eyes out / I’m not Joan of Arc, not yet / But I’m in the dark"

    Wash All Over Me "You can thread a needle with a teardrop from my eyes" / "It's a cruel injustice to be witness"
    Dark dance track, originally titled "The One That Got Away".
    "See I don’t know what it is / But I’m attracted to the dark / And it was easy to predict / You were gonna be the one who broke my heart / Your truth is a lie / Bitter fruit / Bittersweet / but, oh so divine"
    Illuminati Co-written by Madonna, Toby Gad, Mozella and SymbolicOne.
    "It’s not Jay-Z and Beyoncé, Lil Wayne, Oprah and Obama, the Pope or Rihanna, Queen Elizabeth or Kanye, Gaga, Prada, triangles or stacks of cash."
    Devil Prays Produced by Madonna & Avicii. Kind of country folk song, which can be directly taken from the 70s. Madonna vocals without any additional effect.
    Madonna asks herself how to get out of the darkness and find happiness
    Veni Vidi Vici Produced by Madonna & Diplo. Madonna rapping through this hip-hop song, kind of a retrospective song, with lyrics from her career and news-reports from her from the last 30 years.
    “I took a Holiday”“I got Into the Groove” “Music saved my life”… and carries on citing or referring to “Borderline”, “Vogue”, “Express Yourself”, “Justify my love”, “Ray of Light”, “Music” and even “The Power of Good-Bye”.
    Body Shop

    Co-written by Madonna, Toby Gad, Mozella and SymbolicOne. Mid-tempo strings song : Madonna playing the zither (cithare), the whole song is based on the guitar + piano at the very end. Oriental sounds sometimes, Madonna compares sex to engines and mechanics.
    « You take the wheel, I’ll sit on top [...] I would ride through the dark of the night with you. »

    Borrowed Time
    Produced by Madonna & Avicii.
    Hold Tight
    Produced by Madonna & Diplo.



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    Vendredi 2 Mai 2014 à 19:51
    J'espère que c'est une rumeur novembre pour la sortie quand on sait qu'elle a osé déclarer il y a peu que 2014 serait son année! Mdr. Si elle veut faire de 2014 son année sur juste deux mois, sachant qu'elle risque de ne pas vendre autant d'exemplaires que ça de part son manque de témérité artistique, son attitude et dépassée. J'ai beau rester fan, MDNA m'a énormément déçu et c'est pas ces associations avec Avicii et le producteur des OD et NK dont j'ai découvert du coup un peu l'univers et franchement, je passe mon tour, qui vont me rassurer. Bref.
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