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    Voici deux photos de la troupe de danseuses et danseurs du Hard Candy Promo Tour ! L'on y retrouve donc bien les 3 "anciens" : Hypnosis (la crête rouge lors du CT !!), Norman (l'un des "frères" français au CT...) et Jason (Erotica lors du Confessions Tour !)


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    Lundi 26 Mai 2008 à 07:19
    Hi Alex, I'm sorry I wasn't able to comment last week but I was away from home without my laptop...

    I'm happy Hypnosis is back, but I'm so bummed at the fact that Cloud is not part of the crew anymore... :(
    Alex Madonnalex Profil de Alex Madonnalex
    Lundi 26 Mai 2008 à 11:20
    Hey mister !!!
    Cloud is missing, I agree with you ! But maybe he'll be present for the sticky and sweet tour... Maybe we was already on world tour with another singer when Madonna did the promo of Hard Candy !!! I hope so, 'cause he's one of the best dancers Madonna ever had !
    Lundi 26 Mai 2008 à 12:45
    I totally agree!
    Here's a message he left back in March:

    "I'm sure you've heard, Madonna is going on tour again. From what it seems like, she's looking for different things, a whole different route. So we'll see about me. But don't worry, I have a feeling that there are somethings in my future that will keep you entertained. I just wanted to say again, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT! I'm very thankful for M because I got the chance to connect with all of you. That was by far the best part of it. And I want to continue to connect with as many individuals as I possibly can. I love you all so much! I hope your all doing very well."
    Mercredi 28 Mai 2008 à 23:22
    C'est clair Cloud il est génial. J'espère qu'il fera partie de la tournée en tout cas. Par contre les danseurs asiatiques ils me font peur, je trouve qu'ils dansent même pas bien pff.
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