• Album 2014 : E=mc², Illuminati and Devil Prays

    Madonna Album 2014 Illuminati E=mc2

    Madonna is still at work to finish work on her brand new album, which can be expected - at best - for the beginning of 2015 ! She's in the studio with Diplo ending the production of some of the 40 to 50 songs she recorded in 2014 with producers such as Disclosure, Avicii, Pharrell Williams, Mozella, Natalia Kills...




    In the meantime, the web is filled with exclusive and mysterious leaks from the album, basically songs titles and lyrics ! 2 new titles have been unveiled this couple of days : "Devil Prays" & "Illuminati". Two titles sounding very religious and beliefs.

    Co-produced by Madonna & Avicii, "Devil Prays" is a kind of country folk song, which can be directly taken from the 70s. Avicii focused on Madonna vocals without any additional effects on it, chords and acoustic music. Far away from what some people can be afraid of from Avicii's mainstream dance music.

    Co-written by M, Toby Gad, Mozella and SymbolicOne, "Illuminati" is a song where Madonna speaks her mind on what it is to her. As in her 90s super-hit "Vogue", Madonna quotes celebrities in it such as Beyonce & Jay-Z, Gaga and Obama, Queen Elizabeth & Kanye West.




    Another information, which is more a rumor for now, is coming from a recent post Madonna shared on social networks : "E=mc²". Known to be one of the most famous scientific formula from Albert Einstein, some fans see through this mysterious quote an annuncement on what can be a future duet or featuring. "MC" can refers to Madonna Ciccone, of course, and it can also refers to.... "Mariah Carey" (yes ! She named one of her albums "E=mc²" a few years ago) and to.... Miley Cyrus, who the Queen Of Pop worked with in early 2014 for a live duet on "Don't Tell Me".

    Nothing more to say for now !!!!

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